Candida Side Chair

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Candida Side Chair

Lowback Candida side chair. Black lacquered ashwood frame. Woven straw seat. Mother of Pearl in-lay in inner back.




Height: 29½"
Depth: 17¾"
Width: 19¾"
Seat Height: 17¾"
Weight: 22 lbs.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh

(1868 - 1928) C.R. Mackintosh was an skilled interior designer, painter and decorator who renown for his inventive interpretation of Art Nouveau. His 'Spook School' did not gain immediate notoriety due to his unconformity to the standards of French and Belgium Art Nouveau. Slowly he gained appreciation by the populous throughout Europe as well as his contemporaries of Art Nouveau whom he thought were excessive in their decorative style. His participation in such landmark events such as the 1902 exhibit of Modern Decorative Arts in Turin and the 1931 Exhibition of the Vienna Secession School solidified his place in the history of design.

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