Finishes & Specifications

COM prices and yardage requirements are based upon 54" wide plain material. Consult MALIK for additional information on calculating yardage for patterns, repeats, other widths, etc. Additional charges may apply for pattern matching, combining more than one upholstery product, etc. Special instructions for material handling (direction of pattern, railroading, etc.) must be submitted in writing prior to delivery of materials. We reserve the right to use our own judgment and to reject any materials we deem unsuitable for our products. We will not be held responsible for the wear, fading, shrinkage, stretching, seam slippage, wrinkling, creasing, staining or other performance of any COM.

When specifying a COM/COL on a MALIK chair, please contact a MALIK representative to verify if the material is suitable for the chair you are specifying. To calculate the required square feet of leather: Multiply the yardage required by 18 [i.e., 1.5 yds x 18 = 27], indicates that the chair needs 27 sq. ft. of leather. Please send COM/COL to MALIK and side mark with your purchase order number.

Due to the inherent natural variations in color shades, fabrics and wood fi nishes, there may have been some discrepancy between shades of fabric or colors of wood. Because these diff erences are beyond our control, the warranty does not extend to color, grain or texture of wood, plastic or fabric. Please note that all fabric shades and wood fi nishes we depict in photos or as samples are subject to variation. All stated dimensions and weights are approximate and subject to change without notice. Malik reserves the right to make changes to dimensions, weights and design without prior notice.

All leather has some natural imperfections caused by insect bites, minor scratches, barbed wire cuts, etc. These individual features are unique to each hide and help to distinguish real leather from synthetic man-made materials. Leather is a natural product, which has been used in furniture for hundreds of years. Once used, leather acquires the rich patina of age, which gives your furniture its own unique personality.

MALIK standard leather is a 1.0-1.3 mm thick, aniline grade hide. Leather quality is similar to most domestic & European hides, widely used among furniture manufacturers.

MALIK mid-grade leather is a 1.4- 1.6 mm thick full grain bovine leather. It is chromium tanned and dyed in accordance with EEC regulation. Leather quality is similar to most domestic & European hides, widely used among furniture manufacturers.

MALIK premium leather is a 2.0-2.3 mm shrunken full grained, top surface treated, aniline drum dyed hide. Specify this premium leather on your modern classics, they will last a lifetime. Please contact Malik Gallery for technical Information on fabrics and leathers used on contemporary items.

Our caning and wicker is fi rst quality. As these are natural materials, they are subject to variations in color, texture and character—especially under diff erent climactic conditions. These materials are very strong and have been used for centuries, but they demand care and will not stand abuse. For that reason, we guarantee only the original caning or wicker and cannot guarantee longevity.

CA 117 & CA TB 133
Certain items can be manufactured to meet CA TB 133 compliance. The customer is responsible for providing the surface material, the cost of the piece to be tested, and $375 net. The piece will be destroyed during the 133 test. Malik Gallery Collection is responsible for manufacturing and shipping the unit, as well as coordinating the test and communicating the test results. Add 4-6 weeks to lead time if testing is required. All purchase orders requesting TB 133 must clearly indicated on the purchase order the need for TB 133 certifi cation, or TB 133 compliance. There is a $50/yard net upcharge for each item that requires special materials to meet the TB 133 requirements. For full compliance, the fee for the test and price of the piece must also be paid. Please contact a Malik Representative for further information.