Environmental Statement

green!Malik Gallery Collection and its factories are dedicated to minimizing the impact to the  environment through our manufacturing and distribution.  Consistent with this commitment, we are actively engaged in energy conservation programs, as well as measures that reduce volume and recycle industrial waste from manufacturing and distribution activities. At the same time, Malik Gallery Collection develops products with due regard for the environment and thereby contributes to creating societies where sustainable development can be materialized.
As our pieces are made in Italy (inside of the European Union), manufacturing conforms to different regulatory agencies than furniture made within the United States.  Factories work in tandem following a sustainable development strategy, while working to improve air, water and soil health.  In addition, environmental regulatory agencies in the EU regulate more stringent code for air emissions and waste discharge than the United States.  This creates an industrial environment that must use the latest technology for compliance efforts and responsible environmental practices.
Some of our efforts are briefly outlined below:

Raw Materials

  • Wood is from reforested areas in Italy considered to be sustainable forests.



Our environmentally safe chroming process uses the latest technologies and materials to ensure the highest quality finish, at little if any cost to the environment.

  • The chrome we use is trivalent chrome, which is environmentally safe, while ensuring a beautiful high-luster finish. 
  • Waste water is captured, filtered and re-circulated. 
  • Air emission is reduced by use of traps and scrubbers.


  • All painted units use environmentally safe processes including the recycling and reuse of overspray. 
  • Final coating of polyurethane on chairs is a low VOC emitting brand.


  • Minimal use of glues is made in any of our pieces. 
  • Glues that are used are low voc and low formaldehyde emitting glues.

Shipping and Zero Carbon Emissions Program
Currently items are shipped to the United States on-board ships, and then distributed with trucks throughout the United States.  In order offset the amount of carbon dioxide created by these activities, we have started an offset program by purchasing carbon offset credits.  Malik Gallery Collection is proud to be one of the first contract furniture companies in the United States to undertake such an environmentally responsible program.


  • 90% of incoming shipping materials are recycled or reused
  • Wood components can be 100% recycled
  • Hard plastic components can currently be 100% recycled and used as sandblasting substrate
  • Polypropylene components can be 100% recycled.
  • Metal frames can be 100% recycled