About Malik Gallery

Nearly 90 years ago, a group of individuals set their sights on a dream to change the design world.

A dream of changing the materials that were being used, to change manufacturing techniques, and to change the look of the world. Their brief period together at the Bauhaus left its imprint across the world.

Today, Malik Gallery Collection is using these guiding principles that were laid out by the Bauhaus. It is our endeavor to provide clean and functional pieces at price points that deliver modern classic and contemporary design to the masses.

In our line you will find some of the world’s great designs – both old and new. Experiments with materials and shapes. Forms created from minds that never stop thinking about possibilities. It is from these concepts that Malik Gallery Collection strives to deliver to you the finest possible furniture in design and quality.

With a focus on lounge, multi-use chairs, stack chairs, stools and tables, Malik Gallery Collection offers a diversity of items and price points. Combined with a national sales and distribution network, Malik has become the choice of designers across the nation who seek the best in contemporary and classic design at affordable prices.