Malik Gallery Collection




Counter height stool. Round tubular steel frame with polished chrome finish. Wood seat upholstered with regenerated hide leather, hide leather, synthetic leather, or soft leather.




Height: 30¾"
Depth: 17¾"
Width: 16½"
Seat Height: 26"
Weight: 17 lbs.


COM/COL $1,071
Fabric 1 $786
Fabric 2 $799
Fabric 3 $827
Leather 1 $844

Malik Gallery Collection




fabric 1


70 % COT; 10% PES; 10% ACR; 10% AF.

t7a8-cotton-club-orange.jpgt7a8 cotton club orange
t7az-cotton-club-light-blue.jpgt7az cotton club light blue
t7b2-cotton-club-beige.jpgt7b2 cotton club beige
t7bb-cotton-club-blue.jpgt7bb cotton club blue
t7f2-cotton-club-fango.jpgt7f2 cotton club fango
t7gd-cotton-club-graphite.jpgt7gd cotton club graphite
t7gt-cotton-club-light-gray.jpgt7gt cotton club light gray
t7lb-cotton-club-lime.jpgt7lb cotton club lime
t7p0-cotton-club-cream.jpgt7p0 cotton club cream
t7rr-cotton-club-red.jpgt7rr cotton club red
t7s2-cotton-club-sand.jpgt7s2 cotton club sand
t7s4-cotton-club-sahara.jpgt7s4 cotton club sahara
t7vh-cotton-club-olive-green.jpgt7vh cotton club olive green


Mirage is a two-way stretch fabric with crep armor, it is very resistant to abrasion and pilling. 100% Polyester. Martindale: 100.000 cycles.

mirage-631-beige.jpgmirage 631 beige
mirage-635-yellow.jpgmirage 635 yellow
mirage-63r-ultramarine.jpgmirage 63r ultramarine
mirage-63w-black.jpgmirage 63w black
mirage-63x-light-gray.jpgmirage 63x light gray
mirage-63z-dark-gray.jpgmirage 63z dark gray


Ecoleather. 76% PVC, 2% PU, 22% PES. 60,000 Martindale.

secret-7s0-black.jpgsecret 7s0 black
secret-7s1-white.jpgsecret 7s1 white
secret-7s2-red.jpgsecret 7s2 red
secret-7s3-brown.jpgsecret 7s3 brown
secret-7s4-beige.jpgsecret 7s4 beige
secret-7s5-anthracite.jpgsecret 7s5 anthracite
secret-7s6-orange.jpgsecret 7s6 orange
secret-7s7-purple.jpgsecret 7s7 purple
secret-7s8-pine-green.jpgsecret 7s8 pine green
secret-7s9-blue.jpgsecret 7s9 blue
secret-7sa-sand.jpgsecret 7sa sand
secret-7sb-bulgarian-red.jpgsecret 7sb bulgarian red
secret-7sc-air-force-blue.jpgsecret 7sc air force blue
secret-7sd-dust-gray.jpgsecret 7sd dust gray
secret-7se-green.jpgsecret 7se green
secret-7sf-ash-gray.jpgsecret 7sf ash gray
secret-7sg-ocra.jpgsecret 7sg ocra
secret-7sh-turtle-dove.jpgsecret 7sh turtle dove
secret-7si-lime.jpgsecret 7si lime
secret-7sl-light-blue.jpgsecret 7sl light blue
secret-7sm-pastel-yellow.jpgsecret 7sm pastel yellow
secret-7sn-pastel-green.jpgsecret 7sn pastel green

fabric 2


50% PES, 35% AC, 15% PA. Martindale 250,000.

carabu-t802-ocra.jpgcarabu t802 ocra
carabu-t8a8-orange.jpgcarabu t8a8 orange
carabu-t8am-air-force-blue.jpgcarabu t8am air force blue
carabu-t8b2-beige.jpgcarabu t8b2 beige
carabu-t8bc-ocean-blue.jpgcarabu t8bc ocean blue
carabu-t8cu-hide.jpgcarabu t8cu hide
carabu-t8gd-graphite.jpgcarabu t8gd graphite
carabu-t8gt-light-gray.jpgcarabu t8gt light gray
carabu-t8m2-brown.jpgcarabu t8m2 brown
carabu-t8n4-black.jpgcarabu t8n4 black
carabu-t8na-hazel.jpgcarabu t8na hazel
carabu-t8p0-cream.jpgcarabu t8p0 cream
carabu-t8rr-red.jpgcarabu t8rr red
carabu-t8s2-sand.jpgcarabu t8s2 sand
carabu-t8ve-green.jpgcarabu t8ve green


Regenerated wool. 75% wool; 25% Polyamide. 100,000 Martindale.

fenix-wool-590-yellow.jpgfenix wool 590 yellow
fenix-wool-59b-beige.jpgfenix wool 59b beige
fenix-wool-59c-dust-gray.jpgfenix wool 59c dust gray
fenix-wool-59d-orange.jpgfenix wool 59d orange
fenix-wool-59e-jeans.jpgfenix wool 59e jeans
fenix-wool-59f-cement.jpgfenix wool 59f cement
fenix-wool-59g-red.jpgfenix wool 59g red
fenix-wool-59h-apple-green.jpgfenix wool 59h apple green
fenix-wool-59i-gray.jpgfenix wool 59i gray
fenix-wool-59k-olive-green.jpgfenix wool 59k olive green
fenix-wool-59l-vinaccia.jpgfenix wool 59l vinaccia
fenix-wool-59m-brown.jpgfenix wool 59m brown
fenix-wool-59p-sky-gray.jpgfenix wool 59p sky gray


visual-tc02-ocra.jpgvisual tc02 ocra
visual-tca8-orange.jpgvisual tca8 orange
visual-tcb2-beige.jpgvisual tcb2 beige
visual-tcbb-blue.jpgvisual tcbb blue
visual-tcgt-light-gray.jpgvisual tcgt light gray
visual-tcgw-dark-gray.jpgvisual tcgw dark gray
visual-tcm2-brown.jpgvisual tcm2 brown
visual-tcn4-black.jpgvisual tcn4 black
visual-tcr1-pink.jpgvisual tcr1 pink
visual-tcrs-bulgarian-red.jpgvisual tcrs bulgarian red
visual-tcvj-pine-green.jpgvisual tcvj pine green

fabric 3


100% PES. 35,000 Martindale.

bubble-4b0-vinaccia.jpgbubble 4b0 vinaccia
bubble-4b1-pearl.jpgbubble 4b1 pearl
bubble-4b2-beige.jpgbubble 4b2 beige
bubble-4b3-orange.jpgbubble 4b3 orange
bubble-4b6-yellow.jpgbubble 4b6 yellow
bubble-4b7-green.jpgbubble 4b7 green
bubble-4b8-light-blue.jpgbubble 4b8 light blue
bubble-4b9-purple.jpgbubble 4b9 purple
bubble-4ba-blue.jpgbubble 4ba blue
bubble-4bb-black.jpgbubble 4bb black
bubble-4bc-brown.jpgbubble 4bc brown
bubble-4bd-sand.jpgbubble 4bd sand
bubble-4be-glicine.jpgbubble 4be glicine
bubble-4bf-gray.jpgbubble 4bf gray


100% PES. 45,000 Martindale.

hot-4h0-vinaccia.jpghot 4h0 vinaccia
hot-4h1-pearl.jpghot 4h1 pearl
hot-4h2-beige.jpghot 4h2 beige
hot-4h3-orange.jpghot 4h3 orange
hot-4h6-yellow.jpghot 4h6 yellow
hot-4h7-green.jpghot 4h7 green
hot-4h8-light-blue.jpghot 4h8 light blue
hot-4h9-purple.jpghot 4h9 purple
hot-4ha-blue.jpghot 4ha blue
hot-4hb-black.jpghot 4hb black
hot-4hc-brown.jpghot 4hc brown
hot-4hd-sand.jpghot 4hd sand
hot-4he-glicine.jpghot 4he glicine
hot-4hf-gray.jpghot 4hf gray


70% Virgin Wool – 30% LI. 50,000 Martindale.

main-line-flax-taa9-orange-brick.jpgmain line flax taa9 orange brick
main-line-flax-taaa8-orange.jpgmain line flax taaa8 orange
main-line-flax-taam-air-force-blue.jpgmain line flax taam air force blue
main-line-flax-taaz-light-blue.jpgmain line flax taaz light blue
main-line-flax-tabc-ocean-blue.jpgmain line flax tabc ocean blue
main-line-flax-tagt-light-gray.jpgmain line flax tagt light gray
main-line-flax-tagw-dark-gray.jpgmain line flax tagw dark gray
main-line-flax-talb-lime.jpgmain line flax talb lime
main-line-flax-tam2-brown.jpgmain line flax tam2 brown
main-line-flax-tan4-black.jpgmain line flax tan4 black
main-line-flax-tars-bulgarian-red.jpgmain line flax tars bulgarian red
main-line-flax-tas2-sand.jpgmain line flax tas2 sand
main-line-flax-tas4-sahara.jpgmain line flax tas4 sahara
main-line-flax-tave-green.jpgmain line flax tave green
main-line-flax-tavj-pine-green.jpgmain line flax tavj pine green
main-line-flax-tavt-purple.jpgmain line flax tavt purple


100% PL. 100,000 Martindale.

scubidu-tba8-orange.jpgscubidu tba8 orange
scubidu-tbam-air-force-blue.jpgscubidu tbam air force blue
scubidu-tbgt-light-gray.jpgscubidu tbgt light gray
scubidu-tbgw-dark-gray.jpgscubidu tbgw dark gray
scubidu-tblb-lime.jpgscubidu tblb lime
scubidu-tbn4-black.jpgscubidu tbn4 black
scubidu-tbrr-red.jpgscubidu tbrr red
scubidu-tbs2-sand.jpgscubidu tbs2 sand
scubidu-tbve-green.jpgscubidu tbve green
scubidu-tbvt-purple.jpgscubidu tbvt purple


70% VI - 30% LI. 25,000 Martindale.

second-t9a8-orange.jpgsecond t9a8 orange
second-t9az-light-blue.jpgsecond t9az light blue
second-t9bc-ocean-blue.jpgsecond t9bc ocean blue
second-t9f2-fango.jpgsecond t9f2 fango
second-t9gd-graphite.jpgsecond t9gd graphite
second-t9gt-light-gray.jpgsecond t9gt light gray
second-t9m2-brown.jpgsecond t9m2 brown
second-t9n4-black.jpgsecond t9n4 black
second-t9rr-red.jpgsecond t9rr red
second-t9rs-bulgarian-red.jpgsecond t9rs bulgarian red
second-t9s2-sand.jpgsecond t9s2 sand


100% PES FR. 60,000 Martindale.

superb-velvet-2s3-tortora.jpgsuperb velvet 2s3 tortora
superb-velvet-2s4-gray.jpgsuperb velvet 2s4 gray
superb-velvet-2s5-light-gray.jpgsuperb velvet 2s5 light gray
superb-velvet-2s6-ultramarine-blue.jpgsuperb velvet 2s6 ultramarine blue
superb-velvet-2s7-light-blue.jpgsuperb velvet 2s7 light blue
superb-velvet-2s8-bordeaux.jpgsuperb velvet 2s8 bordeaux
superb-velvet-2s9-antique-pinkl.jpgsuperb velvet 2s9 antique pinkl
superb-velvet-2sJ-olive-green.jpgsuperb velvet 2sJ olive green
superb-velvet-2sO-black.jpgsuperb velvet 2sO black
superb-velvet-2sa-orangel.jpgsuperb velvet 2sa orangel
superb-velvet-2sb-yellow.jpgsuperb velvet 2sb yellow
superb-velvet-2sd-military-green.jpgsuperb velvet 2sd military green
superb-velvet-2se-pine-green.jpgsuperb velvet 2se pine green
superb-velvet-2sf-steel.jpgsuperb velvet 2sf steel
superb-velvet-t6r3-light-pink.jpgsuperb velvet t6r3 light pink

leather 1


f01-bordeaux.jpgf01 bordeaux
f03-dust-gray.jpgf03 dust gray
f04-black.jpgf04 black
f05-white.jpgf05 white
f09-sky.jpgf09 sky
f18-ash-gray.jpgf18 ash gray
f20-smoke.jpgf20 smoke
f24-lemon.jpgf24 lemon
f34-vanilla.jpgf34 vanilla
f38-denim.jpgf38 denim
f41-brown.jpgf41 brown
f49-green.jpgf49 green
f52-hazel.jpgf52 hazel
f54-mud.jpgf54 mud
f57-brown.jpgf57 brown
f58-sahara.jpgf58 sahara
f59-emerald-green.jpgf59 emerald green
Malik Gallery Collection